• 7 Days in India

    Experience a new paradigm for missions

  • What is a Vision Trip?

    It is an experience you cannot encounter any other way. Take a short "mission trip" with BILD International to get a glimpse of a new paradigm in missions, which can transform your life, your family, and your church.

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    Experience a New Paradigm

    • See what is really happening in the expansion of the Church in the Global South.

    • Experience a radically new (yet old) way of doing missions.

    • Build a prototype to introduce your church to high impact mission projects that really make a difference.

    • Learn why we must integrate missions, leadership training, and the local mission of the church into our master plan.

    • See the new science of  “complex networking” in action on a global scale.

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    A Vision Trip helps you understand...

    • why we need to completely restructure Western missions as we know them, beginning with our own missionaries.
    • why missions is critical to capturing the imagination of the next generation of youth in our churches.
    • why we cannot “go-it-alone” as a church, but must learn the new science of complex networking.
    • why high impact missions demands we break free of the restraints of denominationalism and become involved in true global initiatives.
    • why BILD is shifting the landscape of theological education, missions, and development in the Global South.
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    Exponential Growth

    Three-quarters of the Church-Planting Networks across India use the BILD methodology and materials. This trip gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness how key national church-planting leaders use BILD resources to shape today’s Church in India. 


  • 7 Days Crossing India

    New Delhi / Hyderabad / Chennai

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    Operation Agape

    • Experience Operation Agape (OA) which counts 12,000+ congregations in its network.
    • They work in 15 Indian states and send missionaries to neighboring countries like Nepal, Myanmar, and Bhutan, reaching 100 of the largest people groups without church planters.
    • Meet with the national leaders of OA including OA’s leader of Orality Ministry, which is taking Christianity into villages using BILD resources through storytelling.
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    Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI)–North India Transformation Alliance (NITA)

    • The national leader of NITA will detail how multiple evangelical, mission-based organizations in the mid-1990s took root in North India, followed by a great expansion of churches. 
    • Learn how NITA emerged to join these church-planting organizations with a common platform and purpose. 
    • Today, the NITA Network covers the heart of the Hindi Belt—the heart of darkness—which is only 1–2% Christian. Under the NITA umbrella, ultimately, over 1 million grassroots leaders will be trained to serve in their areas.
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    New Covenant Didache (NCD)

    • Meet with the national leaders of New Covenant Didache (NCD), a grouping of 14 networks comprised of over 11,525 churches. 
    • Leaders will outline how they are reaching the most unreached people groups in India, like Soura, Konda-Dora, Konda, Reddy, Koya, Gotti Koyila, Paidi, and Jathapu.
    • Hear how NCD works with all kinds of ethnic groups, villages, towns and cities of Hinduism and other religion areas to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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    Banjara Nation

    • The nomadic Banjara Nation totals over 60 million people who live in tribes across central India. Visit with key Christian leaders of the Banjara to witness the transformational power of the gospel.
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    Vision 2020 and ECI (Evangelical Church of India)

    • Hear firsthand BLESS India–Vision 2020’s role in India becoming 20% Christian (200 million people) by 2020. ECI leaders will explain their plans to see 100,000 new house churches and 10,000 larger churches planted by 2017.
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    New Life Assembly of God Church (NLAG)

    • Pastor Chadwick Mohan will share his insight with you. NLAG is the largest church in India, having more than 30,000 members. With over a dozen weekend services (in Tamil, English, and Hindi), NLAG is focused on evangelism, outreach, and church planting.
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    Accommodations and Travel

    Stay in contemporary and immaculate western-style hotels on your journey throughout India, always accompanied by a BILD representative.


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    Additional Experiences

    Tour the Taj Mahal and the Santhome Church where the Apostle Thomas is buried. Time will also allow for shopping at local, exotic markets.


  • Testimonial

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    "BILD is one-of-a-kind. Through our ministries we have evangelized and planted churches wherever there was no church. Church numbers have been increasing and we were unable to raise leaders up to meet the need. It is simply not possible to pull out our missionaries, or our pastors from the field to send them to Bible College. 


    BILD is an answer to our prayers. The BILD materials are so uniquely developed that we train our leaders and church members within each local church. BILD meets our present need to develop healthy, mature Christians in our churches. Even an illiterate believer can freely participate in the studies and at the same time we can train leaders from the grassroot to national level."


    Dr. Victor Nandigam

    General Secretary, New Covenant Didache, Hyderabad

  • Transform Your Paradigm

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    Vision Trips Brochure

    This brochure explains the need for a paradigm shift in missions, evangelism, discipleship and church planting.


    Vision Trips are an experience you cannot encounter any other way. Take a short "mission trip" to get a glimpse of a new paradigm in missions that can transform your life, your family, your church, and the world.


    Download Brochure (PDF)

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    Contact Us

    If you have additional questions, or would like to talk more with a BILD Representative about Vision Trips, please contact Michael Vos.


    Michael Vos